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Our commercial modular construction division specializes in creating a custom built, customized home that fits the needs and wants of your family. At Commercial Modular Construction Newark, we can design, build and furnish any type of home you may be looking for in or around the city of Newark, NJ and surrounding area. Our team is comprised of skilled designers who have years of experience helping families realize their dreams of having a new home built loving their site location.

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Commercial Modular Construction Newark is a leading modular home builder offering unique and custom built homes in the greater Newark, NJ area. We also serve as a preferred supplier for all of your modular construction needs

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Commercial Modular Construction Newark are one of the leading modular construction companies in North America. We provide our customers with the best modular construction services in NJ, the USA.

Commercial Modular Construction is one of the most efficient, flexible and economical method of construction available. It provides you with the perfect combination of quality, style and affordable price.

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Commercial Modular Construction in Newark

At Commercial Modular Construction, our goal is to provide the highest level of quality craftsmanship and client service. We strive to achieve this goal through strong relationships with our clients and suppliers.

Commercial Modular Construction in Newark

We are a team of construction experts who have over 20 years of experience designing and building commercial buildings. We can help you customize your plans to fit your budget and vision while keeping quality in mind.

We offer a tailor-made solution for your commercial modular construction needs. From the start to finish process, we can be your team of experts in building quality modular systems that fit your budget and style. From new construction to renovations, project management is at the heart of our approach. We work with you and your existing team on a project basis, so no tasks are neglected in order to ensure excellence and consistency in specifications. Our goal is to design the best possible solution within budget, code, and time constraints, while keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

Business owners need to be able to run their business from their residence. The easiest way is to get a modular building and set it up in your home. Modular construction makes it easy for people who want to start a new business by providing build-outs that are ready to go without the headaches of trying different contractors, scheduling inspections and waiting on things that don’t get done correctly. Our modular construction means we can build a home tailored exactly to you from the ground up. From floor plans to finishes, we’ll make sure you love what we build so much you never want to move!

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