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Permanent Modular Buildings New York City

This is a tiny but perfect building that is only 8 feet tall and can be packed up and moved with ease. This 30-foot-wide building can be stacked in tight areas to allow for easy access to the inside of the unit, or simply fold down for the summer months. Each 10-foot tall building has 4 apartments arranged on a large platform, giving privacy to each apartment, as well as enough space to secure all items needed for living in one home. The modular units contain areas for the kitchen, dining room, and living room. They would also fit well within a tight budget!

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This is the first of its kind and it's characterized by a modular design. The modular system allows for expansion and flexibility in order to create additional units as needed and to allow for future renovations.

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Building a new home can be a stressful and exciting endeavor. The modular building process takes the stress out of shopping for your new home by letting you pick your favorite features and features at up to 50% off list price.

Permanent Modular Buildings offers a unique solution to the challenges of construction and planning in New York City. Whether you’re looking for a state-of-the-art office space, or a custom modular garage or backyard shed, our flexible, customizable building systems can solve almost any need.

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Permanent Modular Buildings New York City

The PERMANENT MODULAR BUILDINGS program is a public architecture and planning initiative currently being developed in New York City. The program aims to create a new genre of space that combines the civic value of residential living with the dynamism of a factory or office space, while simultaneously responding to New York City’s overwhelming need for affordable housing.

Permanent Modular Buildings New York City

We design, build and manage buildings using the best materials. We specialize in high-rise buildings and our modular buildings are used across the globe to create housing and commercial spaces. Our New York City location is a growing business that has been designed to work remotely with our clients around the world.

New York City’s first and only modular building company, Permanent Modular Buildings specializes in permanent modular construction and high-density development.

With our innovative and technologically advanced permanent modular buildings, you can conveniently move your business to New York City and offer your services with new spaces in this dynamic city.

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